Ultimate Life Success

Based on my wildly popular Sassy Advice blog feature, this full-length book answers humanity’s most basic question: How in heck do I achieve Ultimate Life Success?

Ultimate Life Success can only be achieved one way: by using the Patent-Pending Kathryn Hogan Metaphor Life Understanding System, a highly scientific principle upon which this book is based. I would explain it to you now, but then you wouldn’t buy my book.

Covering such topics as Self Presentation, Romance, Finances, Health & Wellness (aka not being dead), and many more, Ultimate Life Success solves the mysteries that you don’t have time to solve yourself, if you want to actually have enough time to achieve Ultimate Life Success.

These mysteries include:

  • Why people dislike attractive people when those people flaunt their attractiveness by dressing nicely.
  • How terribly unintelligent, annoying people stay gainfully employed despite their personal failings (a secret organization is involved).
  • How to ‘get a guy’.

… And so much more!

Ultimate Life Success will be published just as soon as I am able (to publish it). Subscribe to this blog or Click Here to read the newest updates about the launch!