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Wild Land

Wild LandElizabeth’s only knowledge of the mythical Wild Land is what she’s heard in ghost stories. But when she arrives as part of a colonizing mission, she finds that she’s been here before. She remembers growing up here, getting married, wishing for a family, and having her dreams destroyed. She remembers running from a terrible, inhuman enemy, and watching her people slaughtered. Now it seems that the colony is part of a calculated plot to spread the ancient evil that decimated the Wild Land and it’s people millennia ago.

Elizabeth is the only one who knows how dangerous the Wild Land can be.

She should know. The last time she was here, she didn’t make it out alive.

Wild Land is about an indigenous medicine woman who is reincarnated as one of the colonizers who destroyed her people. She must find a way to reconcile these two identities, and prevent another massacre like the one that killed her and destroyed her people a lifetime ago.

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Ultimate Life Success

uls coverBased on my wildly popular Sassy Advice blog feature, this forthcoming book is a hilarious description of what it takes to become Ultimately Successful (in Life). All you have to do is follow the Patent Pending Kathryn Hogan Metaphor Life Understanding System!

Seriously though. Humans aren’t machines. You can’t reduce an individual to metaphors of mainframes and hard drives, can’t reduce this wet sexy dirty confusing complicated experience we call life into numbers, can’t can’t can’t. Of course we try. And we fail. And then we feel bad about ourselves.

It’s fun!

Just kidding!

This book is a gentle and hilarious reminder that what works for me won’t necessarily work for you. It’s a parody, it’s moving, and it’s funny as hell.

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My Hero – Attracting the Woman of Your Dreams
By Becoming The Man of Hers.

Most women are afraid.

I was afraid, too. I didn’t make eye contact with strangers in public, especially not men. I held my keys in my fist whenever I walked alone after dark. I was always vigilant in parking lots, on public transit, on sidewalks.

Chances are this bothers you. Why would women be afraid to make eye contact with me, you might think, just because I’m a man?

Why are these beautiful people living in fear, when they should feel safe and protected and free?

I used to feel afraid most of the time I was out of the house. Then I read a book by Alison A Armstrong about how most men are compelled to protect women. Not just women they care about – all women. About how men are naturally motivated to be heroes, are heroes right down to their core.

At first I didn’t believe it. But I started to notice the behavior of men around me, and I realized it was true.

I’m not afraid anymore, and it’s because of you. You, and the other men out there in the world, who would rather put yourself in danger to protect me than hurt me. You, who are brave and giving and caring.

You’re my hero.

I see the hero inside you, waiting to be recognized and celebrated. I want to teach you to be that heroic man every day, every moment, in a way that women will notice and appreciate and be extremely attracted to. I want to teach you that for two reasons:

1. So that you can be a hero for all the women in your life, so that they feel safe and cared for, and don’t have to be afraid any more.
2. So that your life will be better. So that other women will start to see you as I do: strong and competent and interesting and worthwhile.

This book won’t teach you how to’ get the girl’. But it will teach you how to have awesome, fulfilling, electrifying relationships with amazing women.

This book won’t teach you how to get laid. It will teach you how to have a mind-boggling, beyond satisfying, earth shattering, intimate, emotionally fulfilling sex life. It will provide no-nonsense ways of improving the way you present yourself: physically, emotionally, and socially, so that women will notice you.

This book is about demystifying women. I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about the bustier sex, so that you are no longer as confused by female behavior.

In the process, this book will give you the information you need to become exactly the man that the world – especially the woman at the center of your world – needs. You will develop real confidence, self-respect, and self-knowledge.

You will, in short, become the kind of man that inspires women to sigh, smile, and say “My hero”.

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