When you’re ready to finally finish that book, find an agent, or get your articles published online (and read by millions).

In our weekly sessions, we’ll cover the nuts and bolts skills development you need to create high quality written work that’s publishable, as well as the spiritual process of connecting with your creativity reliably, overcoming writers block, and finding the writing process that allows you to enter Flow state and channel true art in your writing.

I will provide editorial structure, in the form of realistic goals for your writing and support in achieving those goals that further your vision, as well as editorial feedback, meaning I will provide you with insight about how your work can be improved and how you can grow professionally and artistically as a writer, while coaching you through the process of learning to receive constructive criticism. Whether your goal is to publish a novel or find an agent, my experience in the industry will support you on this exciting journey.

Contact me at kathrynhogancoach@gmail.com to apply.

You, The Writer

Creative, Skill and Professional Development to Make Your Writing Vision into Reality
$1200 CAD/Three Months
  • Your Vision as a Writer Becomes Your Reality.

  • In our weekly sessions over three months, and through the exercises, readings, and other homework and materials I’ll provide, we will clarify your vision as a writer, create realistic editorial goals and deadlines, and co-create your process and strategies for reaching those goals consistently, not just during our work, but throughout your career.

  • First we will outline your Vision for yourself as a writer, and what you want to accomplish in our time.

  • Using that vision as framework, we will explore the spiritual process of connecting with the fire and passion of creativity!

  • As you connect more deeply with your creativity and The Writer Within, you will co-create your Process, discovering the strategies that bring you into Flow state reliably and without draining your energy.

  • The Skills of the Wordsmith: you will learn to understand and apply the most important skills for your genre and your specific projects, as part of the process of creating sellable work.

  • Accountability and Writing: We will set realistic goals and deadlines that keep you writing and get you closer to your vision.

  • I will provide editorial feedback as needed to get your work ready for the world.

  • This is for you if you are ready to
  • Understand why your writing isn’t getting the response you desire, and how to fix that: not just in our time together, but for the rest of your career.

  • Learn the skills and tools that professional writers and authors use in creating and polishing their work.

  • Develop a reliable method for accessing your creativity, producing words to deadline, and integrating that passion into your daily life.

  • Understand your strengths as a writer, and strengthen your weaknesses, in order to get your writing into the world.

  • Get published!

  • Finally get writing! With the support and accountability to overcome writers’ block in its many forms, and create something worthwhile.

  • Contact me at kathrynhogancoach@gmail.com to apply for this program!

Your Book

You have a book inside you. This program provides the intensive creative development, skills, and editorial support to Finally Finish it.
$2400 CAD/Six Months
  • This is it. It’s time to write your book.
  • This program is not for the feint of heart. Neither is writing a book. As a professional author, I know that first hand.
  • Whether you’ve had a hundred false starts or don’t know where to start, our weekly sessions over Six months will take you from idea, outline or first page to Finished Your First Draft.
  • We will create a writing plan that fits YOU, to get your book written within six months. If that isn’t realistic, we will create a plan that is, and get that book finished.

  • Our skills development will be laser focused on YOU, your work, your process and most importantly, your book. From market research to exploring examples of the skills you need done brilliantly, we will use exercises, lessons, other books, and every other tool at our disposal.

  • Your creative process will shine. This is a deep dive. We will find what it takes for you to jump. And you’ll do it.

  • As blocks come up, my wholistic training as a mindfulness and wellness coach means we will zero in on the cause, and create practical strategies to overcome it.

  • This is the marriage of fire and earth, of the creative impulse with the actually sitting down and getting it done, of the beautiful of art with the skills you need to create something truly masterful.

  • This is for you if you:
  • Are ready to finish your book!!!

  • Are struggling to write – and especially finish – a book.

  • Have a manuscript that’s mostly written, that isn’t working, and you don’t know why.

  • Have been told by editors that you need professional development before resubmitting your work for publication.

  • Are currently blocked creatively or having trouble getting words on the page.

  • Flourish when you have structure, support, deadlines and accountability to keep your writing focused.

  • Benefit from editorial feedback and creative nurturing!

  • Contact me at kathrynhogancoach@gmail.com to apply for this program!

About Me

I’m a professional author with post-secondary training in creative writing, non-fiction, fiction, script writing and drama. I’m published at big blogs around the world and work writing freelance pieces for big brands, too. I have a novel out that’s loved by readers, a non-fiction book that was at the top of the chart when it launched, I’ve had a play produced, and have worked (yes, paying my bills successfully) as a spoken word poet (actually. made money as a poet.). I also ran a small publishing house in 2012 and 2013.

In our work together, I draw on my training and decade of professional writing experience to teach you all of the practical, nuts-and-bolts skills you need to create and structure the written word, from character development and pacing, to language and exposition. You’ll learn the skills that are tailored to your vision and goals through writing exercises, editorial feedback and suggestions on your writing, and a syllabus of incredible novels, poems, plays and cinema that exemplify the skills and concepts of good writing, from world-building to creating realistic conflict.