What is Mindfulness & Wellness Coaching?

Mindfulness and Wellness Coaching is looking at the Bottom Line of your life: Don’t Waste It.
Connect with meaning, whatever that means to you.
Overcome challenges, work towards what you truly want…
And be aware enough to truly enjoy it.

Mindfulness and Wellness Coaching Addresses the WHOLE Person:


Somatic Techniques

Practical, Down to Earth Tools

Access the Body’s Wisdom



Feeling the Joy of every moment

Healing past hurts

Opening to your heart’s guidance



Understanding Yourself

Building awareness for good

Mind as servant, NOT master!


We are A LOT more than just our minds and our thoughts! Wellness Coaching looks at the complete person, instead of just the mind, the thoughts, and the mental domains: logic, reason, and calculation.

Because when we focus and rely only on our minds, life will feel:

  • Cold
  • Overly Rational
  • Disconnected and Distant
  • Sharp and hard, painful, and bereft of magic (we may even grow to resent the idea of magic)
  • Empty
  • A slog
  • Passionless
  • Unbalanced
  • Uncertain and directionless
  • Full of endless WORRY
  • Joyless
  • Unsatisfying.

Not only that, but when we aren’t able to hear the important messages our bodies and hearts are sending to us, we are much more likely to suffer from burn out, chronic health problems, unresolved emotional issues that affect our every day life, etc.

When we acknowledge only our minds, thoughts turn from our tools and servants into our masters: we lose control of our lives, our experience, and our emotional state.

Thoughts can only circle things, like wind does: thinking can’t build things, and while we may convince ourselves otherwise, thinking can’t solve emotional or social problems. The mind cannot find meaning: only the heart can… so if we are trying to solve problems of the heart (like the search for joy and meaning) with the mind, we will not find any answers. We may even become convinced that there IS no answer: that life is joyless and meaningless. If we try and solve problems of the body (like the need for balance, limits and healing trauma) with the mind, we will be stumped, stagnate, and end up losing energy… instead of embracing the body’s wisdom to find a healthy way forward.

We’ve all experienced the anguish of thoughts, endlessly worrying about something; the tragedy and pain of overthinking and under action, talking ourselves out of things that our hearts and bodies desire and need, being crippled by doubt.

Because the mind, when disconnected from the rest of us, IS cold and distant; IS disconnected and passionless; IS left to fret. When we cut ourselves off from the wisdom of the body and the certainty of the heart, life feels uncertain and empty.

We are miraculous, magnificent, multi-faceted beings, who’s strong bodies are made of Earth, and are part of all things. Who’s hearts produce electromagnetic energies so powerful that science is having to reinvent itself to measure them. Who’s sum is so much more even than those wondrous parts. Living Well relies on our wholeness. When we acknowledge and integrate all of ourselves, we are in balance… and then our lives can be in balance, too.

I thought coaching was about talking and planning. Why focus on the body? Why somatic coaching?

Did you know that your body cannot lie? Did you know that all traumas, even the ones we experience primarily in our minds (like that constant, needless worrying…) are processed in the body… and in they can’t be processed, get stored in the body, causing pain and debility? Did you know that the profoundly powerful etheric body known to ancients is finally being verified by modern science – meaning our connection to divinity, meaning and purpose isn’t just real… it’s physical?

Even the belief that emotions arise in the mind is being dismantled by mountains of evidence showing that, often, emotions arise in (and are experienced in) the body.

The Mindfulness and Wellness Coaching that I do doesn’t just work with the mind, with thoughts and words, because we are much more than just our minds. Can you imagine if you were trying to fix a broken car, but would only look at the transmission? Every part of us is connected – whether we are aware of it or not. Mindfulness builds that awareness, empowering us to take care of ourselves effectively, and to make the changes necessary to live a life of joy.

Somatic Techniques…

  • are fundamental to mindfulness and living well.
  • connect you with your body’s knowledge and wisdom
  • empower you to understand that wisdom so that you can apply it
  • develop confidence in your judgements, decisions and actions – which limits endless worrying.

Somatic work in my coaching sessions means the ability to process and overcome challenges at their core. It is a profound tool for empowering yourself.

I don’t just use these techniques in my coaching: I teach you to use them yourself, in your daily life.

Sensations in the body that we have learned to view as insignificant, as mere annoyances, or as malfunctions are actually one of the most powerful tools we have for creating great change, health and happiness in our lives.

Understanding and relating with these messages from our physical selves is something few of us have learned how to do… in fact, most of us have learned to disregard them… or even disdain them.

We’ve learned to ignore our own selves: the cries for help, the pangs of emotional hunger, the clear and honest guidance, and the steadfast love that every cell of our body has for us…

And we feel unnurtured, uncared for, vaguely ill at ease, vaguely unwell.

Wellness Coaching with somatic techniques is a powerful tool to reconnect us, and the results are beautiful.

Powerfully and completely address the core of even complex issues by addressing all of yourself.

Whatever your goals, whatever the pleasures, joys and triumphs of your life, you deserve to enjoy them with all of yourself: mind, heart, body and spirit… and achieving those goals and triumphs will be easier and more satisfying when all of you takes part in working towards them.