I just realized that my book promotion consists mostly of doing random things on the internet and hoping for the best.


I was just on twitter. Despite the advice of my very good looking butcher, my twitter ‘presence’ is often more of an ‘absence’ (I sat staring at the screen for like 5 minutes trying to think of something more clever than absence and I’M SORRY).

I recently read, during my random ramblings through the internet, that adding people may result in them adding you, too. Brilliant, right?! So I bumbled around The Twitter adding people whose names sound vaguely familiar (ie they may be famous or I may know them) and those who seem to do the same things as me (ie they are ridiculously witty and / or write books).

Today, I found a ‘tweet’ opining the tribulations of a recent 9th grade English test. Apparently, many of the questions were NOT covered in the notes.

I stared at this for quite some time.

As it turns out, one of the random people I added is actually in the 9th grade.

Hmm, I thought. It appears that my entire book promotion strategy is entirely random.

And so, dear reader, it is.

HOWEVER: maybe that girl will FOLLOW ME! And then buy ALL OF MY BOOKS! And then tell her friends to buy all of my books! And become OBSESSED with my books! To the point that she is desperate to promote my books!!!

And maybe she’ll be better at it than I am!