Hello Internet!

You’ll be happy to know that the first promotional photos for Ultimate Life Success are ready, and will be in my hot little hands either tomorrow or the next day. These photos are for the cover and the About the Author section and are SO FUNNY IT IS PROBABLY ILLEGAL.


I can’t wait to share these hilarious photos with you, and to start the next part of the project, namely, ‘Making the Book Cover’ and ‘Making Posters and Postcards’.

It is going to be SWEET.

Remember, time is a-wastin’ if you want to be included in the book as an expert. I’ve had some great input so far about grooming and anti-aging cream from Mike and Sharon MacDonald. (hi guys!)

If you are interested in demeaning yourself for posterity, there is also a fun-filled opportunity to be part of my next photo shoot. This shoot will provide photos that illustrate some of the main concepts of Ultimate Life Success, for the visual learners out there.


-Proper Gym and Fitness Atire
-How to Lift Heavy Objects
-The Do’s and Don’ts of Appearing Non-Threatening to Other Humans (and epsecially nervous canines)
-And many more!

This would be a fun and caffeine fuelled ‘romp’ at the local Walmart Photo Studio. Plus, you would be able to officially state on your resume that you are a model for a (wildly popular) illustrated self-help book.

That’s it for now!