Jumpstart Your Progress To Where You Want To Go

…Even If You Don’t Quite Know Where That Is Yet.

We’ll cut through the fog, quantify a goal that gives you purpose, passion and direction, and create a plan to get you there… starting today.

A Trial One-on-One Wellness Coaching Session

Is the perfect way to try coaching. It’s a powerful tool for zeroing in on an area that needs change – and making real progress! This is an amazing tool for creating the life you want, and the lasting change you need to get there.

This $80, one hour session will provide you with:

  • A written summary of everything we cover, and the action plan we create together.
  • A practical action plan informed by the breakthrough science of Wellness, designed to meet you where you are and get you where you want to go, with steps you can take that very day.
  • Follow up support via email.
  • You’ll get these things from EVERY session you have with me. Yeah. Pretty awesome.

Once we’re done, you can decide if you’d like to sign up for a full, three month coaching contract, choose from one of my coaching packages, or we can design a coaching package just for you. Either way, our work together will be totally unique to you: structured in the most empowering and supportive way for you, your specific challenges, and your most passionate goals. (This is why working with me one on one is SO powerful!)

Apply by sending an email to kathrynhogancoach@gmail.com. Please allow me 48 hours to respond once you’ve applied. From there, we will schedule an appointment for the soonest time I have available, and I’ll fill you in on all the logistics. I’ll send you a questionnaire that will help me prepare for our session with the most cutting edge tools available, to maximize the effectiveness of our time together. You results are guaranteed – you will see progress or improvement after our session!

If you are interested in coaching long term, I’ll send you a more comprehensive series of questions to guide our journey together!

If you need support right away, reach out to me. I’m here. Send me an email, or get in touch via Facebook.

Thank you! From my heart,