The Power of Feminine Energy

What if we didn’t have to work ourselves to burn out, fight a constant, losing battle, and break ourselves to get what we truly need?

What if we didn’t even have to break a sweat?

It’s time to get what we really need.


Many of us today do not allow ourselves to express our femininity… let alone rely on it to help connect us with what we need!

That’s because Femininity has been cast as everything from a girlish liability to a vain superficiality; from a force of oppression to basic and general weakness. Surely if we let ourselves be Feminine, we’ll suffer! Be rejected! Lose out! Even the women’s liberation movement often portrays strong women as masculine, and androgyny, that supposed solution to the ‘problem’ of gender, as masculine, too.

What if, instead of being weakness, something to be hidden and forgotten about… what if Femininity was a source of strength, and power? What if standing in our Feminine Energy was an opportunity to connect to an effortless source of energy and empowerment? What if doing so was an opportunity to relate to the world from a place of feeling safe, and cared for, and protected… instead of harrowed and hunted, disempowered and defensive, as so many of us feel today.



What is Feminine Energy?

When we talk about gender, femininity and masculinity, it’s assumed we’re either talking about Nature or Nurture:

Nature – the biological aspects of gender, including chromosomes, hormones, and certain obvious peaks and valleys. Often called biological sex.


Nurture – the part of gender that we learn, the socially constructed stereotypes, expectations and performances associated with gender.

Feminine Energy refers to something completely different: the energetic, spiritual source of feminine, or Yin, energy.

Feminine energy transcends culture, stereotypes, and biological sex: it is present in all people, in all cultures.

Like other energies, for example electricity, Feminine Energy is invisible. It can’t be seen or felt until it manifests in physical expressions in the physical world. Feminine Energy manifests as:

  • Emotions
  • Thoughts
  • Physical sensations and capacities
  • Experiences and Expressions of self (clothing, mannerisms, characteristics)

This has nothing to do with stereotypes that limit or oppress people based on their gender. Feminine Energy, or Yin energy, is one of the two types of body energy available to us: one of the two ‘batteries’ that power our bodies. Everyone has both, and everyone has different charges in each battery, and finds it easier or more draining to power different things with one or the other.

Feminine Energy doesn’t mean gender roles or stereotypes – it means spiritual energy that powers our bodies. And today, many of us have blocked, repressed and wounded Feminine.

Imagine if you lived your whole life in an underground bunker. In this bunker, you had electricity, which powered the radio and the lights. If someone asked you what electricity was, you might say “It’s light, and it’s sound.” In fact, electricity is the energy that powers the light and the sound; that manifests in your world as light and sound. It isn’t the lights or the sound itself – though it could be easy to assume that the energy IS what it manifests AS! This is like the ancient Japanese Koan: “When I point at the moon, don’t look at my finger.” When we talk about Feminine Energy, don’t look only at the ways it traditionally manifests in our culture!

Feminine Energy in our culture is associated with high heels, manicures, and emotional self sacrifice to care for others. But those things aren’t any more fundamental to Feminine Energy than the radio is to electricity! Gender Role Femininity is a subjective cultural experience. Feminine Energy is an objective spiritual experience.

It can manifest as softness, grace, fluidity and motion in one person, on one day… and as firmness, strength and steadiness in someone else, or in the same person on a different day.





What Blocked Feminine Energy Looks Like

The majority of people today are deeply disconnected from our Feminine Energy. And because we’re so blocked, we are exhausted, unsatisfied, resentful, burning out, losing ground…

Being disconnected from Feminine Energy means

  • Disconnection from peace at the core of the self – feeling uneasy
  • Disconnection from the abundance of life – feeling unsatisfied, stressed, worried, exhausted
  • Disconnection from the gifts of others – feeling distant, disrespected, unsafe, alone
  • Disconnection from the ability to RECEIVE.

It means that everything feels like a fight, and we begin to feel bitter and angry at the world, for making us fight every damn minute, even when we feel we almost can’t anymore. We feel bitter and angry because we start to see everything as a fight waiting to happen, and everyone as an opponent.

It means we feel like we have to push, and keep pushing, and push harder, just to hold our ground… let alone make progress. And as we push further past our healthy limits, further into exhaustion and need, we hurt more and more, because we’ve given everything of ourselves and haven’t gotten enough back.

It means we feel like we are holding the full weight of our relationships on our shoulders, and not getting near enough in return for our massive investments of love and care and energy. We feel alienated, angry and antagonistic, especially in our romantic relationships with men and masculine people. Alone, when we should feel loved, cherished, supported. Fighting for the love we need… something we should never have to fight for.

It means fighting and pushing out of fear of not getting what we truly need… and no matter how hard we push, no matter how much we fight, getting less and less and less.

It’s Time to Use Both Batteries

In our culture, we are very Yang, or masculine, dominant.

Even woman’s support groups talk about ‘hustling’ – a yang endeavor based on pushing and fighting. Even the woman’s liberation movement and feminism associate femininity with regressiveness, oppression, and weakness, instead encouraging women to take on ‘important’ work, defined as work traditionally done by men, and to be ‘strong and empowered’, which often means traits that express yang energy.

What they don’t tell us – what they don’t know – is that the yang is not the only way to get what we need. That we don’t have to push until our hearts are bloody, until we have nothing left. We don’t have to fight, until we see everything in the world as an adversary. Because if our Feminine Energy is blocked, we still won’t get what we need, no matter how much we fight or how hard we push.

The ability to receive is so important that I am writing an entire book about it: Receive Everything – Embracing the Power of Feminine Energy. The ability to receive is fundamental to living a happy, satisfied life. And blocked, repressed, wounded or constrained Feminine Energy means we are physically and energetically incapable of that.


There is another way: a way to live at peace with the world and actually have our needs met. That way is receiving: it means we don’t have to push up to, through, and past our fatigue into burn out, all the while cursing ourselves for not being stronger, and the world for hurting us so much. It means we don’t have to fight ourselves, who we ought to love and be gentle with; or fight the world, which yearns to provide everything we need for us; or fight others, who are compelled to give to us and wish so much that we could receive their gifts.

That is the Power of Feminine Energy.

It means getting what we need, without giving up other things we need just as much.

It means getting what we need from ourselves: can you imagine how it would feel to look at yourself in the mirror with genuine, honest love and acceptance? Getting what we need from the world: can you imagine walking in the world feeling safe and cared for, feeling that you have everything you need? And getting what we need from others, especially men and masculine people; can you imagine being in the company of men and masculine people and feel nearly overwhelmed by gratitude and awe at the amazing gifts they are giving you, and the amazing gifts that they see and appreciate in you?

You deserve that.

It’s time to lay down our weapons, and pick up all of the abundance and love and gifts that we world is dying to give us. It’s time to step into the power of our feminine energy.


Tools and Practices to Support You in
Connecting with Your Feminine Energy

Receive Everything: Embracing the Power of Feminine Energy

  • The information you need to break through unhealthy and limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your happiness by preventing you from being able to truly receive.
  • A new and liberating understanding of men and dominantly masculine people, that empowers you to move from antagonism to true, satisfying partnership… and feel safer in the world, as well.
  • Ancient wisdom of Taoist Yoga and sexual kung fu practices that provide a visceral experience of yin in the body, which, with practice, will lighten periods and PMS, vastly increase orgasmic potential, make arousal and orgasm easier and faster, and increase daily energy by up to 30%. Yes. Seriously. This stuff is unreal.
  • Meditations, practices and exercises you can do at your own pace, to heal and connect with the feminine energy within and reclaim your feminine power.
  • A realistic, practical and achievable step by step framework for dramatically improving the three Loving Relationships: relationship with self, relationship with other, and relationship with life.
  • An arena for exploring and experiencing feminine energy viscerally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, providing you with the lived experience necessary to confidently own and use this powerful energy
  • My own lived experience of the journey and practice of healing and connecting with feminine energy, as a young woman in today’s society, to provide the context needed to understand the social and political traps and challenges, without relying on the yang mode of providing ‘expertise’ – only you are an expert in what it means for you to express your femininity!

This is for Feminine People Who Are Ready to Stop Endlessly Fighting… And Start Finally Winning. This book will empower you to do just that.

The book isn’t out yet. But you can still get support with this – I offer one on one coaching that is profoundly empowering, and can support you in this journey. You can sign up for a no-pressure trial session here: