We spend our lives planning for the future and hoping for the best. But what if what’s best is what is already happening?

Buddha-9897Let’s say you are looking to acquire some cash moneys.

Now let’s say that you are on the gravy-train of intention and maybe have a boxed set of Your Wish Is Your Command 14-CD Set on CD, and are therefore sending out lots of happy thoughts about all of that moolah style green (or, in various other countries, perhaps purple) that is soon to be gracing your wallet.

Great, right?

But if I’m thinking about how much I need money, or love, or to lose weight, the underlying knowledge in my mind and heart is of scarcity. The thought isn’t just “I need some money” or “I intend to have more money”… there is a little addendum tacked onto the end that says

“… because I don’t have enough right now.”

Yes! You just accidentally scarcified yourself!!!

How much of your intention is actually fear based? Intention is ultimately about control. It’s about exerting our will to shape the world. And we only do that when we’re afraid.

Scarcity consciousness – ie, thinking I need more money because I don’t have enough now – will get your brain in the habit of not having enough money. And what do habits do? They maintain themselves.

Welcome to Broke-ville, population YOU.

On the other hand, you have the potential to encourage your brain to seek out those details of your daily life that can actually bring your more money, by tuning your brain to be aware of those things.

This is accomplished via a complex scientific process known as Being Extremely Grateful, Even For Those Things That You Don’t Necessarily Have Yet.

Gratitude is about letting go. Yes, there’s power in intention. But it’s the power of your mind, wielded by that mind, small and without the long-distance view of the heart and soul. Intention must be tempered with the knowledge that we do not know what’s best, and that there are purposes at work beyond our understanding. Maybe you’re broke or lonely for a reason, one cosmic in scope that is necessary for transforming the soul, alchemically… giving you exactly what you need, and what the world needs, through you.

The truth is that you can’t control your life. You can’t control the world. Even those who seem most successful, most in control, could be disabled in a car accident tomorrow. Everyone grows old. Intention… it’s a tool, an attainment. And a trap.

The truly spiritual path – and the truly satisfying one – is one of surrender. We must open our hearts, and doing so is an act of trust, of release. It is a giving up of control.

Besides – the future doesn’t actually exist. There’s only now. When we ‘intend’ good things for the future, it is at the cost of being present with the reality of our lives, right now. We’re missing out, letting life pass us by while we imagine that life would be easier if we had more money, or love, or whatever. But even if those things came to pass, the basic struggle of humanity would remain: there is only now. Only this moment, imperfect and difficult.

Can you surrender to it?