Receive Everything: Embracing the Power of Feminine Energy

Creating a life of abundance, peace and satisfaction – especially in relationships with men and masculine people – by connecting with the powerful feminine within.

When We Stand in Our Feminine, We are Empowered to Receive.

When we think about power, especially the power to survive and thrive in this world, usually we think about hustling, working hard, fighting for what we want… fighting hard… getting exhausted… and often, hardly getting anything in return. Hardly what we WANT. Let alone what we truly NEED.

Especially when it comes to men and masculine people.

That’s because in our culture, we believe that in order to receive things – big and small – we have to earn them. Work for them. Build up some reserve of magical Universe Dollars that can be exchanged for the stuff of life; for food, shelter, health, happiness, love.

We believe that we must deserve things in order to receive them.

Here’s the thing:

The celery that sacrificed it’s life to nourish your body doesn’t care that you worked overtime to buy it. It has given of itself from the love that all life has for all other life. Most stuff in life, the stuff that’s actually worth having, the stuff that we do really need – that whole food shelter health happiness love stuff – that stuff is so incredibly valuable, so priceless, that we could never earn it, no matter how hard we worked, how hard we fought, how much we broke ourselves against the hard edges of the world.

But we deserve it, all of it, anyways.


The Reality Is That Most Of What We Truly Need Are Gifts, Freely Given.
Can You Receive Them?

All of life is a gift. Every. Freaking. Part of it. Did you earn your body, that miraculous community of cells, 90% of which are other species who exist to support your health? How could you? How could any of us ever earn the sacrifice that one living being makes for another whenever we eat the bodies of plants and animals, a gift freely given that can never be earned? How could any of us ever earn the air we breathe? We couldn’t. But we receive it anyways.

We. Receive. Everything.

This is the power of the feminine, yin principle. The power of feminine energy is, in part, the power of receptivity: and by embracing, developing and embodying that power inherent in all of us, we develop the capacity to receive so much more.

More than many of us have ever let ourselves even dream of.


What You Get in The Book:


  • The information you need to break through unhealthy and limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your happiness by preventing you from being able to truly receive.
  • A new and liberating understanding of men and dominantly masculine people, that empowers you to move from antagonism to true, satisfying partnership… and feel safer in the world, as well.
  • Ancient wisdom of Taoist Yoga and sexual kung fu practices that provide a visceral experience of yin in the body, which, with practice, will lighten periods and PMS, vastly increase orgasmic potential, make arousal and orgasm easier and faster, and increase daily energy by up to 30%. Yes. Seriously. This stuff is unreal.
  • Meditations, practices and exercises you can do at your own pace, to heal and connect with the feminine energy within and reclaim your feminine power.
  • A realistic, practical and achievable step by step framework for dramatically improving the three Loving Relationships: relationship with self, relationship with other, and relationship with life.
  • An arena for exploring and experiencing feminine energy viscerally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, providing you with the lived experience necessary to confidently own and use this powerful energy
  • My own lived experience of the journey and practice of healing and connecting with feminine energy, as a young woman in today’s society, to provide the context needed to understand the social and political traps and challenges, without relying on the yang mode of providing ‘expertise’ – only you are an expert in what it means for you to express your femininity!

This is for Feminine People Who Are Ready to Stop Endlessly Fighting… And Start Finally Winning. This book will empower you to do just that.

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