“The bacterium Bacillus thuriengensis (B.T.) generates a sharp crystalline protein, which punctures the gut of feeding caterpillars. This leads to the death of any caterpillars that ingest this bacterium. Because of this unique property, B.T. is widely used as a safe biological insecticide. If the gene that codes for production of this insecticidal protein crystal can be isolated from the bacterium and inserted into plants, these plants would be made resistant to caterpillar attack. Any feeding caterpillar would ingest the harmful protein and die before great damage could be done.”

…. And here are articles documenting that a) this has already been done, and b) there are now all sorts of BT resistant insects still munching away.

Caterpillars eating Cotton…

Rootworm eating Corn…

Rootworm beetle eating corn.

Oh, and just for fun, here’s an article explaining some of the great toxic effects of BT in your body.

I mean, I’m really enjoying this. Don’t get me wrong. It’s just also enraging me, that’s all.