More from the same course, on the history of agriculture:

[Once people started to plant their own food and tend it in villages instead of foraging for it all over the place, and once food storage became reliable] “…people were no longer required to devote a large portion of the day collecting widely dispersed plants. This freed up more time for people to focus on matters such as art, law, medicine, religion, and other disciplines associated with human culture.”

NO NO NO. This is such bullshit. Yes, it’s accepted information, but it is still WRONG information.

a) Nomadic peoples are estimated to have spent an average of 17 hours / week getting their food. In most places, food is so plentiful (in the summer season) that you would have to be a moron to spend any more than that getting your food.

b) Nomadic peoples had brilliant food storage techniques. Anyone heard of Pemmican? How about harvesting berries in baskets woven of birch bark, which is naturally antiseptic? Even in winter, it was rare for people to go hungry. Sure, it happened. It still happens now.

c) Nomadic peoples HAD HUMAN CULTURE. For God’s sake. They weren’t savages running around starving to death with no “…art, law, medicine, religion”.  Those who still practice this lifestyle have highly developed art, law, medicine and religion, as did our ancestors who lived the same way, and the many millions who our ancestors murdered who lived the same way.

Sigh. First day of school: maybe not so good after all.