I just read the heartbreaking story of Amanda Todd. First of all, the man that distributed photos of her, an underaged girl, should be summarily shot.

Second of all… I feel like there must be something I can do to prevent a similar tragedy happening again. Having suffered with depression, anxiety and an anxiety disorder myself, I know how horrible and all consuming it can be. Especially when, like Amanda, it feels like the outside world is against you, too… not just the world inside your mind.

I propose that, if by some wonderful twist of fate, another young person in a similar situation reads this, they send me an email at kathrynmhogan at gmail dot com, and if after a few emails back and forth they feel comfortable with it, they come and live with me in the forest here. It’s safe and quiet and peaceful. My next door neighbours both work for the school board and could easily help us arrange some sort of transfer to online schooling. I have lots of experience tutoring, and would be happy to help in that regard.

Otherwise, you could spend some time in a safe place, figuring out what it means to be you without having other people tell you, or try to hurt you. The middle of the forest may sound boring, but there is lots to do out here – hiking, cross country skiing, a town nearby with lots of community activities, great neighbors…

What happened to Amanda should never have happened. And it doesn’t have to happen to anyone else.