Living Well

It’s so easy to fall into trance in this life – to be not really there, to be asleep, on auto-pilot. To get stuck in the stories of our suffering instead of showing up for this moment, right now, fully. To barely live, instead of living well.

I’m sharing tools and practices to help you break the trance, show up, and live the rich, joyful life you were born to.

Life is Beautiful.

I’m on a journey of breaking out of that trance, as often as possible, every minute of every day. Of really showing up, so that I can truly experience the good stuff, so that I can fully heal the bad stuff, and so that I am here, fully living my life. Of turning my attention away from those stories of suffering that my mind tells, and towards the beauty and wonder of the world. Of living my life well.

Come with me.

Living Well means something different to everyone. It means using the groundbreaking science of wellness, the ancient wisdom of the heart, and the power of mindful awareness… and creating the life that feels right to you. Learn more about Wellness Coaching here.

It means taking the brave step of building mindful awareness in your daily life, realistically acknowledging the areas that are challenging to you and aren’t living up to your expectations… as well as building awareness and heart-felt gratitude for what IS working.

Living Well is an act of tremendous courage. It requires deep introspection, honesty with yourself, the willingness to change long-held habits and beliefs… even beliefs about who you are, and what’s important in the world.

Because what’s really important is really being here. Fully showing up. Living our best so that we can give our best to the world.

I’m here to help you do just that.

If you’re here, it means you’re already on that journey. It means you’re one of the brave ones, brave enough to live heart centered in a world that says doing so is weakness. Brave enough to do the hard work… even when that ‘work’ doesn’t look very productive from the outside. Brave enough to go deep, to show up even when it hurts, to find your purpose, and to follow your path.

Thank you. We need you. Thank you for showing up.



A Wholistic Guide to Life

Get started by checking out my articles about Living Well, my Wholistic Guide series.

The most popular ones are:

A Wholistic Guide to Feeling Like Shit
Are you ready to feel happy all the time, no matter what?! Too bad! Because that’s impossible. But that’s OK. So is feeling like shit. And so are you. Here’s how to handle the awful feelings, turn them into tools for growth, and truly heal.

Meditation: What’s In It For Me? A Wholistic Guide to Meditation and it’s Incredible Benefits
The single most powerful tool for improving yourself, your life and the world, meditation is more than a bad ass daily practice. It’s fundamental to health and happiness. Here’s how.

Overcome the Fear and Follow Your Purpose
Our culture tells us that following our hearts is a dangerous waste of time and energy. That we have to earn our happiness, by doing things we don’t really want to do, by suffering. What if that’s wrong?

If there’s something you’d like a Wholistic Guide to, let me know!


The Living Well Challenge

When you’re ready to break out of stagnant habits that are holding you back, a Challenge is one of the most powerful tools you can use. The Living Well Challenge is a series of wellness trials for Heroes of the Spirit, Herculean Heart… people, Brave… folks? Ok, that metaphor got away from me. The point is that Challenges:

  • Break your mindset wide open, allowing you to see things in a new, more fluid way
  • This new Growth Mindset means you are primed for the insights and changes you need
  • Often we’re held back by false limiting beliefs. Challenges show us they’re wrong.
  • They show us that we can do it. Whatever IT is.
  • Are the first BIG step on a new journey. They show us the journey is possible… because we’re already partway there.

Challenges are a big tool I use in my one-on-one coaching practice (and the results of the uniquely tailored challenges that I create for my clients are totally incredible). If you’re not ready to invest in one-on-one coaching, you can still benefit from this powerful tool.

First, check out this awesome article: Rules for Getting Unstuck from Any Stagnant Toxic Shit-Storm, Stop Sabotaging Yourself and Get The Life You Dream Of . Make sure you let me know what you think – this is a big one with my readers, and your insights help our community a lot!

Then, take a look at the challenges below. I’m adding new ones all the time (and if you don’t want to miss out, sign up for my email newsletter – I send a maximum of two per month, and they’re totally packed with value, with all of my new tools, practices and resources for Living Well).

You can do them all, or only do the one that really jumps out at you. Each Challenge is designed to get you unstuck in facing a particularly challenging (har!) situation in your life. The results are totally up to you: what you get out of these challenges depends on what you put into them.



Empathy Politics: Self Care in a Crazy World

Empathy Politics is part self care tool, part political position. In our crazy world of divisiveness and anger in the political arena, where we are confronted daily with injustice of many kinds, a self care framework to provide wellness for ourselves and empathy for others is a profound act of healing and justice for the world.

Empathy Politics recognizes that the antagonism and inequality of the various ideologies and identities that make up our world intersect on our bodies. It recognizes that the political is personal: that hatred, anger and vitriol affect all of us, personally, viscerally… whether we want it to or not.

Instead of continuing the cycle of anger that is now out of control in the political sphere (thanks to the language of enlightenment and identity branding being thrown in the mix with ideologies to create exclusive identity groups that claim to know ‘the truth’ and despise anyone who disagrees with them as not just wrong or ignorant… but morally bereft), Empathy Politics recognizes that this anger is NOT a solution to the problems in our world. It is a symptom of those problems. Stoking our anger, therefore, cannot solve these problems. It can only perpetuate them… and hurt us in the process.

In order for there to be peace in the world, there must be peace in ourselves. We must all heal the pain and anger that comes from living in a divided world. Many of us today are deeply aware of, and concerned with politics, and are committed to making the world a better place. Healing the anger and coming from a place of empathy is necessary to doing so successfully – and an important part of Living Well!

Read about Empathy Politics!


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