My Hero – Attracting the Woman of Your Dreams by Showing Her You’re The Man of Hers

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There are so many incredible men out there who are looking for ways to love themselves and develop meaningful relationships with women. You are who this book is for, who my articles are for. To you, I say a heartfelt thank you. You are doing important work, you’re doing great, and I’m honored to support you in this journey!

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Every man has a hero inside.

Every man has a hero inside. Our culture says this isn’t so, derides the men who look within to find this hero. I’m here to tell you he’s there. He’s you. And we need you.

I wrote this book for two reasons:

1. I’ve witnessed the incredible power of healthy relationships. I want to support men in creating the fulfilling relationships they desire!

2. I realized how many of the guys I know — the best, most attractive, intelligent, kind, and worthwhile men I’ve ever known — have trouble connecting with women. I know I can empower incredible men with the tools needed to create great relationships!

This hilarious and heartfelt book will teach you to connect with your masculine power, in order to connect with the women you care about, in the ways you want. It will give you the realistic and down to earth tools you need to show women exactly how much you have to offer — tools that are honest, practical and immediately applicable in your life.

This book isn’t just about getting a girl (and then wondering whether she likes you… or the script you followed to ‘get’ her). It’s about becoming a better man. It’s about finding the courage and bravery to do things better, to be honest and gritty and real, to live fully and fearlessly, so that when you find Her, the woman of your dreams, she can see what an incredible guy you are.


It’s about developing the kind of courage and bravery that turns ordinary men into Heroes.


This fun-filled book includes:

* Logically organized chapters about everything from the aspects of appearance that are actually attractive to her (aptly titled “Knight in Shining Hoody”) to what it really means when a woman says you’re ‘cute’ (“In the Language of Lust, There is Much Lost in Translation”).

* The Survey — dozens of incredible, sexy, smart and lovely women took part in a survey: questions from regular guys… questions they’d always wanted to ask women, and never could, until now. Different ages, marital status, cultural backgrounds and sexual orientations (as long as they’re attracted to men) all gave real, honest answers. You’re welcome. And Guys — you can still get a question or two in, if you hurry!

So have a laugh and learn about women and dating in a meaningful way! Or, check out the many articles I have on my blog here… there are more up all the time!

* The real trick is… No tricks. Using tricks in romance is only tricking yourself. No more scripts or formulas. No more morally dubious semi-hypnotic neuro-linguistic jedi mind tricks intended to trick a woman into being with you… all in the belief that she never would be with you, otherwise. Instead, connect with the incredible things you naturally have to offer, that women genuinely desire and appreciate. It sounds simple, and it is. But it’s not easy.

* Written by a woman who honestly loves men. I’m a featured contributor at Good Men Project and I write for women about men, in addition to writing for men. That means I know what women are really looking for, and why. I want to share this because I know how healing and transformative honest relationships can be.

* Built on the archetype of the Hero’s Journey, this isn’t a superficial process; it connects with the core of who you are as a man, and supports you in the process of standing in your masculine power. I’ll help you understand the deep emotional and spiritual dynamics that inform and influence every day life… especially when it comes to attraction.

* The full picture. Develop confidence with women by developing confidence in yourself and in your success as a man.

Every man has a hero inside. Our culture says this isn’t so, derides the men who look within to find this hero. I’m here to tell you he’s there. He’s you. And us women need you.

This book teaches you how to create the relationships that you want with the women who matter to you, by becoming the heroic man you were born to be.

You’re a great guy.

You might be smart, or handsome, or athletic, or charismatic. Maybe you’re stylish or ambitious or interesting. Talented, great job, full head of hair.

Or maybe not. Maybe none of the above.

Either way, you have something powerful, potent and important. Something that the women in your life need. Something that they are suffering without and that only you can provide. They need you: your attention, your presence. You.

Most of the women you know are unable to articulate this need clearly, for a variety of reasons. They need you nonetheless. Because you’re a great guy!

“Oh shucks,” you may be thinking, or maybe, “No, I’m not.” Maybe you really believe you aren’t.

The thing is, we need great guys. Desperately. And these guys aren’t some wild magic unicorn living in a meadow in back country Scotland; they’re not mythical creatures that only exists in our imaginations. These guys are you; the men of the world.

We need you. We need you to be great guys. Most of us are too scared to admit, but it’s true.

Ok, so. You’re a great guy – not just a nice one. I’m sure you’ve heard women in your life saying things like:

“Where are the nice guys?” or “I just want a nice guy!”

And yet, you, the nicest guy you know, are single. Why?

Because men and women have different definitions of what’s ‘nice’… And have different ways of sharing that information. Because you are speaking two different languages: you are expressing all of the heroic, beautiful, masculine ways that you care about her, want her, maybe even adore her, and she isn’t able to hear you. Meanwhile, she is busy trying to be caring and self-sufficient and beautiful and interesting and connect with someone special and has NO IDEA HOW and it’s scary and… well, it’s a quagmire.

This book will teach you how to navigate it.

Answer this honestly: will you do your best to treat the people around you well, from now on?

If the answer is yes, congratulations! You deserve a loving relationship. Not just sex – or rather, not just great sex. A mutually supportive, caring, fulfilling partnership. And there is an amazing woman out there who is capable and passionate and fun and lonely and she deserves a great guy. A guy like you.

This book will help you discover your strength, your courage, your power as a man. It will help you become the man you were born to be.

When you discover your masculine power and develop it, magic will start to happen around you. You will find limitless reserves of emotional strength within you, and discover that providing that strength to the women in your life comes naturally. Your direction and purpose in this life will become illuminated, laid before you clearly and simply. You will start to feel that you are, truly, the hero of your own life.

As a woman, I can tell you another incredible thing that will happen. You will become a hero for the women around you, in a million small ways and in big ways and in all the ways that matter. Do you feel yourself sitting up straighter just thinking about it?! You should! The interplay between sacred masculine and feminine is one of the most potent power sources in existence. This book will tell you how to tap into that. As you do, women will start reacting to you differently.

It’ll start small. They’ll be more candid, more honest, and more relaxed around you. They’ll let you witness parts of their lives that no other men ever see. They’ll share their fears, their ambitions, their passions; their gentleness and receptivity and wonder. As you learn how to provide what they need in a way they can accept, they’ll start to smile more. To be softer. To allow themselves to let their guards down. They’ll learn that they can trust you, and they’ll start trusting you with the deepest, most beautiful parts of themselves.
They’ll start letting you help them. You already know that women are competent, and don’t need saving. But everyone needs help. Many women are afraid to ask for it, because they think it makes them weak. When you’re living your masculine strength with the women in your life, they’ll start naturally letting themselves ‘appear weak’ with you, because they won’t be afraid when they’re in your presence.

And just like that, you’ll be their hero.

And then… she’ll show up. You know who. She’s lovely and gifted and graceful and beautiful. An incredible woman who likes you a whole lot.

She’s the one that needs you the most. She’s a queen looking for her king, a goddess looking for her god. You are what she needs to complete her quest and make the world better. Together you will be unstoppable.

It’s really that simple. You have within you everything you need to be recognized by women as a great man. To have incredible presence, to be impressive and forceful and wonderful. This book will help you bring that potential to fruition. And once you do, she’ll come into your life. She’s doing her work right now, too. She’s becoming the woman that you need; receptive and caring and genuine. And she needs you.

So let’s get you crazy kids together!

I know that you’re not stupid, so the advice in this book is a whole lot more than ‘be yourself’ and ‘try not to smell bad’. Instead, I give you specific steps that you can take on your own, when you’re interacting with women, and in preparation for interacting with women. You will learn implementable action items that genuinely increase your attractiveness to heterosexual women in our culture. You will also gain the tools necessary to understand the women you care about in such a way that you can tailor these action items to specific situations you find yourself in with those women.

You don’t have to play games or learn silly tricks to attract love into your life. Do not underestimate your own innate social abilities. You may not have the language to communicate it to women yet, but that doesn’t change the reality: you are what good women are looking for in a man.

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