Hello, internet! Long time no see!

Just kidding, of course. It’s likely, dear internet, that you know everything about me including my present and past whereabouts, favorite colours, and sassy secret thoughts.

Well! Me-ow to you too, internet!

It’s time for an update from the world of Kathryn’s self-publishing journey. As of right now, the only thing standing between you, dear reader, and Wild Land, my debut, soon-to-be-released novel, is my glorious editor, Toby. And I thank the Gods for that!

I hired Toby to edit this manuscript after working with him in some classes at the University of Calgary (before I liberated myself from school, of course). His grasp of grammar is truly astounding, and because he’s still a student, he agreed to be terribly underpaid for his work.

Especially because his work is amazing! Wonderful! Perfect! I never expected to see such drastic improvement between one draft of my book and the next! I’m using exclamation marks for every sentence! That’s how excited I am about this!

(that’s right, gentleman readers; Kathryn gets excited about grammar.)

I know that all of you loyal internet readers (ie my mom) are waiting with baited breath for the release of Wild Land, and for your patience, I thank you. Believe me, though, loyal reader(s), it may take a little longer before the book is ready, but it will be well worth the wait!

I <3 Toby! PS: If there are any writers out there looking for a great editor, Toby is truly amazing (don't make me prove my point with more exclamation marks, because you know I'll do it). Let me know and I can pass on your contact info to him! Keep up the great work, internet!