Something amazing has happened!!!

After sending out requests for reviews for weeks now, I have gotten my very first – unsolicited! – review of Wild Land.

I opened the email, clicked the link, and my heart almost stopped beating while I waited for it to load. Would this random person LIKE MY BOOK? Or were they commenting to say something negative, warn others away???

Finally it loaded. I scrolled down.

There it was. Or rather, there THEY were.

“This book proved to be a very interesting and exciting story of the hope and dangers that are encountered when a group of peacekeepers set out on a mission to set up a new colony in the “Wild Land” – a mysterious place of history and legends. Elizabeth is a vibrant and headstrong young woman who is trying to overcome the stereotypes of her generation, and prove herself through merit. She soon learns that it was no accident that she ended up in this strange new place, and her attempts to escape her ancestral past only take her deeper into it. The Wild Land changes her in ways she could not have imagined.
The fast paced plot holds your attention and the author combines elements of magic, technology and everyday life into a fascinating story that connects people through culture and time.
This book was a remarkable debut for this bright and talented author and I look forward to her next book.”

-Joey Brown, who I will cook for any old time.