Dear Fan(s),

(I may as well just say, “Hi mom!” Not that I’m sour about it. Oh no, quite the contrary. I plan on soon becoming wildly successful, at which point I will say something like “Hey sup, Mom”)

First let me say that last night, I played the FUNNEST game of truth or dare EVER.
Real life quote from last night:
“I can’t believe he just acted out intercourse with your car!”


Wanted to give the internet an update on my publication of Wild Land!

My amazing editor (hereafter referred to as: TOBY, GOD OF GRAMMAR AND SLAYER OF OVERUSED EXCLAMATION POINTS) has reorganized his life in order to be more sane and, as a result, have more time to edit for me. Huzzah! Hurray! I’d go on, but I’m at my quota of exclamation points.

In other news, I’m almost done the first draft of a BRAND SPANKING NEW NOVEL.
(no actual spanking involved)

Ana finds out that she’s pregnant right after graduating high school. The only problem is… she’s never had sex. At least not that she can remember. With the help of her eccentric grandma, she starts to recover memories of a clandestine relationship with a supernatural being who she doesn’t understand… and who may be responsible for all sorts of craziness in Ana’s life.

It doesn’t have a name yet, but it is the first of a series, it is short and sweet, and I’m going to sell it for cheap as part of my ultimate plan of FAN APPRECIATION.

Phase 2 of my fan appreciation is visiting my mom.

(See you tonight, mom!)