Meditation: What’s In It For Me? A Wholistic Guide to Meditation and its Incredible Benefits

sacred 4

The single most powerful tool for improving yourself, your life and the world, meditation is more than a bad ass daily practice. It’s fundamental to health and happiness. Here’s how. Sitting still. Breathing deeply. Doing nothing. Weird mantras. Unfortunately, meditation is often portrayed as a seriously boring pastime that appeals mostly to foreigners and weirdos. […]

Why You Can’t Find an Awesome, Sexy Woman to Love—Advice for Men


Pursuing a limited ‘Type’ of woman is sabotaging your chance at real love. When you’re looking for a woman, try looking with your whole self. Here’s how! Let’s be honest. When we look for a mate, we look for someone hot. Sexy. Irresistible. If you’re having trouble finding a woman with whom to experience romance, […]

Sometimes He’s Into You, And It Still Isn’t Enough

Tara Krebs

Distance can be a sign that the person you love isn’t into you. But sometimes, being into you isn’t enough for a happy relationship.   There is a question that many, many women ask themselves. It haunts them in the night, like a ghost, and not the sexy kind of ghost that occasionally inhabits Whoopi […]

All Hail the Beauty Queen

wild woman

You have probably been wondering why I am not a contestant in numerous beauty pageants. I base this statement on the likelihood that you have seen me in a bikini, or streaking in a public place. You haven’t? Seriously? Where have you BEEN? Anyways, I am of course (mostly) joking. The fact is that no […]

From Movies to TV to Books – A Guest Post By Becca C Smith

Becca C Smith

Becca C Smith is the best selling self published author of the Riser saga. Here she discusses her incredible writing career and what’s made Riser so successful! Growing up I was one of the many kids that stood in line for Star Wars for five hours at the only theatre in Seattle playing it. I […]

Your Guide to a Great Book Cover

The Girls From Alcyone

Cary Caffrey, best selling indie author of The Girls From Alcyone, which you will remember I loved, gives us some great tips for selling books with a professional book cover! An entrepreneur with experience in the self-promotion industry, Carey has some awesome tips for the many aspiring authors that stop by this blog. Enjoy! Cover […]

The Future is Now


We spend our lives planning for the future and hoping for the best. But what if what’s best is what is already happening? Let’s say you are looking to acquire some cash moneys. Now let’s say that you are on the gravy-train of intention and maybe have a boxed set of Your Wish Is Your […]

Time for a Change

Today we’re going to talk about something serious. Life-changingly serious. The kind of serious that is so serious that you have to practice your facial expression in the mirror before-hand, to ensure that you look serious enough to convey the serious that you feel. In your heart. IN YOUR SOUL. Today, we’re going to talk […]

We Should All Buy Some Art Right Now


Holy F, Internet. Whilst looking for cover art for an upcoming novel, I came across the work of one Dominique, whose last name is unknown. The link is her tumblr. Also check her out at deviantart. This girl is insaaaaaanely talented. According to her profile, she is only 16 years old. I am absolutely flabbergasted. […]

Time to Take Care of Business

It's terrifying!

Finances. They are frightening. Why? Because we’re told that finances are the only thing separating us from All The Bad Things. All the bad things our ancestors had to worry about were saber toothed tigers and occasional starvation. But these days we have to worry about paying the phone bill and the internet bill and […]