Here’s the deal.

I’m working on building an arsenal of free-or-cheap marketing tools for my novel. I’ve been reading guerrilla marketing and guerrilla marketing for authors and a few other books on the subject, as well as brainstorming.

Those of you who know me well will see the danger in brainstorming.

I won’t repeat the brilliant and well-documented ‘normal’ book marketing ideas. Instead, I will share some of my ‘non-normal’ ideas.

-Put up personals ads / make dating website profiles of beautiful, rich people who want to find someone ‘just like that character in Wild Land, by Kathryn Hogan’. Somerset Maugham did that with his first book, apparently.

-Spam amazon with fake, glowing reviews of my book. (just kidding!)

-That’s pretty much all I have so far.

Which is why, dear reader, I’m asking for your input of zany ideas.

Or you could just tell your friends to buy my books.