Dear Alberta Red Necks,

I know you’re out there. You vote conservative in landslide numbers. You pen irate and irrational letters to the editor about ‘those environmentalist wing nuts’ and ‘the damn national government’. You go 80 km/h through the 30 zone in front of my house, stopping only when you need another beer or want to steal our stop sign, again.

And then there are the moderately red of neck. Those who are the salt of the Earth, and who the title doesn’t quite accurately describe: you would help a stranger in trouble and you have done so in the past. You feed your family with the work of your hands, and have pride in your home and your life. You maybe go quading on weekends through wetlands and simply do not realize that you’re destroying the mechanism that filters your own water supply. You love country music. So do I. We’re not that different, the two of us.

Red Necks – extreme, moderate, and otherwise – Where the heck are you guys AT?!

If you thought it was bad when the national government got all uppity about our resource development, how bad do you think it’s going to be when CHINA IS IN CHARGE OF OUR RESOURCES?

Our Resources – that includes your pasture land, the forestry reserve where you hunt and fish and go off-roading, the creek that feeds your well, the vacant lot next door. All of it. Everything. Our Land. Our homes. Our pride and our lives and our identity.

In 9 days, the Canada China trade agreement will go through without a single word of discussion in government. It’s bigger than NAFTA, and it will hurt us – Albertans, who have resources – far more than anyone else.

I know that we disagree on some things. But on this, we can agree: Albertans should be the ones making the laws here. Not China. Not giant multinational Chinese owned corporations who want to suck us dry and move on to the next place.

If the Canada China trade agreement goes through, they would have as much legal access to any of our resources – that creek going through your pasture land, the pasture land itself, the forestry reserve, EVERYTHING – as any Canadian or Canadian corporation. And if we try to change the laws, try to democratically protect our homes and our livelihoods?

They can sue us. Behind closed doors. For billions and billions of dollars.

This is what you guys are good at! Get angry, for goodness’ sake! Protect yourselves! There is only so much that us environmental wing nuts can do!

Otherwise, it will be too late.