Achieve Your Goals with Women

  • No more sacrificing your integrity or pretending to be something you’re not.
  • No one-size-fits-all advice, no strategies that work for everyone but you, and no more living with the pain of loneliness and feeling like a failure with women.
  • This powerful program uses the life-changing power of wellness research to change your relationship with dating. Permanently.
  • It’s time to take your power back. It’s time to feel genuinely confident as a person and a man. It’s time to achieve your goals with women.

A Powerful 12 week Deep-Dive to Dramatically Improve Your Dating Life. For Good.

Twelve sessions. Twelve weeks. The big goals that matter to you, and a unique action plan to make it happen, tailored to you and backed by the revolutionary science of Wellness and the timeless wisdom of Mindfulness.

When you’re ready to do the hard work of laying the foundation for truly healthy, successful romantic relationships… and see that work finally add up, instead of working hard for nothing, this is the tool set that will empower you to finally build the life and relationships you want. It’s a powerful framework for identifying the areas that need change – and making real, lasting progress in the direction that you want.

I’ve heard great guys say that Pick Up Artistry is like a life raft in a turbulent ocean Or like an oasis in the desert, when they’re about to die of thirst. Pick Up fulfills a real, genuine, valid need: the need for connection, for intimacy, for feeling that you are a success as a man and in your relationships with women.

I get it. And I’m using the proven framework of Wellness Coaching to provide an alternative to Pick Up Artistry that meets you where you are, and gives you more than just a life raft. It gives you your power back.

This $1000, 12 week package will provide you with:

  • A realistic, practical, quantified and action-oriented understanding of where you are in terms of dating, where you want to go, and how to get there.
  • We will achieve these goals within the 12 week period. That’s how powerful wellness coaching is.
  • We’ll do this by creating and applying a practical action plan informed by the breakthrough science of Wellness, with steps you can take right away, that are realistic, and that will work. Not just once, or only if she’s lonely, or at the cost of your integrity. This is a wholistic, global tool that creates wholistic, workable plans, and real results.
  • The Full Wellness Coaching Toolset: you’ll benefit from my certified training, receiving challenges and inquiries specifically designed by me, based on wellness research, to maximize your progress towards your goals.
  • Follow up support via email between sessions, to keep your momentum and progress going, address any obstacles as they arise… and to celebrate your successes.
  • Written notes from every session outlining everything we cover – including details of your action plan for that week, relevant research and resources, and my insights as a certified coach… and a hot-blooded, man-loving woman.


12 weeks of weekly, one-hour phone coaching sessions takes the science of habit forming, healing and motivation into account to maximize the return on your investment of time, energy and money. This program is designed to maximize the change and success you can achieve in the shortest amount of time possible.

This package is also flexible, and we can change it to suit your needs. If you’re working to heal from a brutal divorce, we may need longer than 12 weeks… and if your goal is to increasing your confidence in approaching women, we may make the progress you want in less than 12 weeks. Because of the inherent flexibility, this program is designed to support your specific goals. No more one size fits all: this is a program that fits you.

Wellness Coaching follows a specific, proven template: Your goals are the bottom line.

Unique to this package are optional pre-designed session templates that address challenges common to dating as a man today. For example, addressing body-shame and concerns about appearance with a detailed analysis of your wardrobe, grooming, and body-relationship, with proven techniques for developing real, honest body confidence, and the option of doing a shopping trip together to make the most of your appearance with a wardrobe that works. Yeah. Pretty awesome.

Send me an email at to apply for this incredible package. I currently have an opening for one person to start this deep dive right away, so if you’re interested, please get in touch as soon as you can! Please allow me 48 hours to respond. I’ll send you a set of questions to allow me prepare the most cutting edge tools available, to maximize the effectiveness of our time together. You results are guaranteed – you will see progress and improvement from our work.

From there, we will figure out all the logistics. I’m not the best fit for everyone who applies, and I often have a waitlist (so send this in right away if you want to work with me soon!), but I will provide you with alternative coaches that I have personally vetted if I think that I’m not the best fit for your needs.

If you need support right away, reach out to me. I’m here. Send me an email at or get in touch via Facebook. And if you want more information about what I offer, read about The Ethical Hunt – Honourable Pick Up Alternatives that Work

If you’re not ready to commit to the full package yet, or have a smaller goal you’d like to address and achieve right now, try my one-time trial session. It’s a great way to try coaching with me!

Thank you! From my heart,