The Girls From Alcyone gets a 5 Star rating so enthusiastic that it is almost uncomfortable.

Sigrid is the youngest, smallest, weakest and slowest of the girls at Alcyone’s secret training centre. Taken from their poverty-crippled families for generous pay, the girls are now owned by a powerful mercenary corporation.

All Sigrid wants to do is sleep in occasionally and spend time with Suko, her very best friend and protector from bullies. But on Alcyone, she and the other girls are trained ruthlessly in the lethal arts. Despite being small and weak compared to the others, Sigrid becomes a basically unstoppable, robotically and genetically enhanced killing machine with a great butt.

Cue Romantic Interlude.

The developing romance between Suko and Sigrid is absolutely perfect. A childhood best-friendship so deep and all-encompassing, blossoming slowly over the years into love… sigh. It made me all gushy inside. Plus, it’s not often enough that a complex main character is LGBT in a straightforward, believable way. Another highlight of this book: none of the characters gawk at learning that Sigrid and Suko are together, and the women kick as much butt, or more, than the dudes do.

As you can probably imagine, all is not well in paradise. Sigrid is whisked away on her first mission, knowing that she and Suko may be separated forever. But getting assignments on different planets isn’t the only obstacle to their reunion: Sigrid discovers that the girls from Alcyone are causing a huge stir among jealous corporations, who want to steal the new genetic technology for themselves… or destroy the girls if they can’t control them.

Sigrid’s small, contained childhood world of Alcyone explodes in complexity as this sweet sci-fi turns into a full blown space opera, complete with multiple, warring factions, double-handedness, intrigue, adventure, spaceship battles, and a powerful main character in a wheelchair (another highlight of the book!)… Lest I give away the unexpected twists and turns that had me glued to my kindle, I shall stop here.

Instead, I leave you with some advice: Buy this book. Right now. And then call in sick, because you are not going anywhere until it’s finished.

And for the love of God, Cary Caffrey… Finish that sequel!