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Men and Masculinity

Down to Earth ideas for men to improve their lives, themselves, and their relationships with women.

When She Thinks You’re Creepy — Advice for Men

Creepy or Funny? It's in the eye --- or heart --- of the beholder.

Understanding what’s really happening when a woman feels ‘creeped out’ will help you understand what you can — and can’t — do to remedy the situation. Lots of articles talk about basic social skills intended to help guys avoid being ‘creepy’. Feel free to check them out, but be cautious: creepy isn’t a mechanical readout. […]

Empathy Politics and Sexual Assault


The Burden of Proof: Finding an Empathetic Middle Ground Towards Healing For All in the Wake of Jian Ghomeshi’s Acquittal. What Does Empathy Have to do with Politics? How can Empathetic kindness represent a radical, progressive political position, answering the lack of real change, and the surplus of exclusionary, divisive antagonism in politics today? Let’s […]

Compliments: Your Key to Copulation – Sassy Advice for Men

are you a beaver

Compliments may seem like a superficial, silly, or even manipulative mode of communication. But appreciating a woman out loud is a powerful way of showing that you’re really present with her, and all she has to offer.   Heterosexual men of the world: Take Note! Take Heed! Listen Up, Etc. Has life dealt you only […]

A Wholistic Guide to Feeling Like Shit


Are you ready to feel happy all the time, no matter what? Too bad! Because that’s impossible. The good news? Feeling like shit is OK. And so are you. Here’s how to handle the awful feelings, move forward, and truly heal. So you feel like shit. Congratulations. You’re a normal, healthy human. But it hurts. […]

Gendered Items are Cruel and Unusual — Sassy Advice


The Hot Lady Rose is the worst atrocity since the Granny Smith Apple. When will the madness stop? As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Bloomex Canada, a flower supplier, featured a beautiful rose on its website for Valentine’s Day with the nefarious and terrifying name “Hot Lady Rose”. I know. This is awful and […]

Guest Post: Texting Your Way Into Her Heart – Advice for Men

heart on phone

Claudia Cox, an expert on romance in the digital age, is sharing her wisdom with us today. This Guest Post offers her personal preferences and professional insights into the medium of text messaging as a messenger of modern romance… with comments from Kathryn! It’s a Valentine’s Day Extravaganza!   Texting a woman shouldn’t feel like […]

Averting a Chernobyl of the Heart — Sassy Advice for When You Don’t Like Them Back

I Love Lisa

Your Wholistic Guide to Understanding Unrequitted Love… and Avoiding Disaster When It Strikes We’ve all been too friendly, too flirty, or too fast with someone who cared more for us than we did for them. Whether it’s being kind out of sympathy for someone having a rough time, or starting a relationship with no intention […]

Overcome the Fear & Follow your Purpose

norht star guidance

Our culture tells us that following our hearts is a dangerous waste of time and energy. That we have to earn our happiness, by doing things we don’t really want to do, by suffering. What if that’s wrong? Destiny. Mission. Purpose. Karma.   Many different names for that certain solid something; that thing that drives […]

If You Think Dating’s a Game, You’ve Already Lost

If You Think Dating’s a Game, You’ve Already Lost

When we see potential mates as opponents, targets and obstacles instead of beautiful people worthy of our love and trust, everyone loses. There are some people who view dating as a game. We all know they’re out there. You may even be one of them. And that’s fine. You do you. If that’s the kind […]

Meditation: What’s In It For Me? A Wholistic Guide to Meditation and its Incredible Benefits

sacred 4

The single most powerful tool for improving yourself, your life and the world, meditation is more than a bad ass daily practice. It’s fundamental to health and happiness. Here’s how. Sitting still. Breathing deeply. Doing nothing. Weird mantras. Unfortunately, meditation is often portrayed as a seriously boring pastime that appeals mostly to foreigners and weirdos. […]